This is your time to shine out bright and improvise your skills. Join one of the best online workshops on illustration and learn some magical tips to make your design mesmerizing.

This workshop will cover

1️⃣ Day ????????:-
Introduction On Croqui And Different Figures
Croquis Drawing:
•Straight post, S curve croquis, C curve croquis

Skin Rendering:
•How To Render Different Skin Tones Using Staedtler.

2️⃣ Day ????????:-
Fabric Rendering And Textures And Different Types Of Folds And Pleats:
•How to draw, shade, highlight, and add dimensions in any garment.
•Shading and flat wash with poster colors.
This will include creating drapes in the garment. This will help you make your garment look 3D.

3️⃣ Day ????????:-
We will make a full illustration with embroidery detailing.
•How to draw motifs.
•How to shade and show folds along with the embroidery.
•Different techniques for illustrating embroidery.

Apart from all this, you will also be learning illustrations to create income by becoming a full-time illustrator.

Certificates Will Be Provided????

You can mold your designing future with us by joining our workshop.

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Only Rs 2500/-